Some Carrier Heat Pump Reviews – Coleman LX and Trane XB14

carrier heat pump 14Are you looking for some reviews of carrier heat pump? If yes, here are some of them. The first carrier heat pump which is reviewed by the contractors and the homeowners is Coleman LX. This carrier heat pump is rated 4.4 out of 5. The price information is unfortunately not available, but it has good performance. What makes it good is that it has cooling efficiency system up to 14.5 and the heating efficiency system is 8.5. The sound rating is 69. Another better thing about this carrier heat pump is that it is Energy Star which is qualified in the selected models.

Coleman LX in some carrier heat pump reviews is said to be featured with single stage scroll compressor. There is also high pressure relief valve as well as one filter drier which helps you protect its compressor. And what can help you lower the operating sound is the rigid top panel, the swept wing fan blades, and the sound blanket. The other carrier heat pump which is rated and reviewed in good and positive response is Trane XB14. It is rated 4 out of 5 and it has sound rating in 76. The cooling efficiency system is up to 15.5 and the heating efficiency system is 8.5. What about its features?

The feature of Trane XB14 is single stage heat pump which is touted by manufacturer as the one which provides plenty of the efficient output. But, this carrier heat pump like at is very economical to run. It also features durable Climatuff compressor. Not only that, there is Spine Fin outdoor coil that is encased in the galvanized steel louvered panel. This carrier heat pump also has compatible components. And the good news is that it can qualify for Energy Star ratings. And finally, the choice is yours. Which one will you choose?