Best Goodman Heat Pump Reviews – Goodman GSZC18

goodman heat pump reviews 03There are some favorite heat pumps offered by Goodman. There are some numbers of sizes and models of the products by Goodman. They come from the most efficient to the least efficient. The most efficient product is the DSZC18. The mid range efficient tools are DSZC16, SSZ16, SSZ14 and GSZ14. Then, the least efficient is the GSZ13. If you are looking for the most efficient one, this is the review of DSZC18.

After reading some best goodman heat pump reviews, you may draw some conclusions about the uniqueness, specs and features of the best Goodman heat pump. Especially for the GSZC18, unique protection system is applied. In addition, it is also equipped with suction accumulator. Accumulator is a smart feature that is able to prolong the life of the compressor. It is a special feature to trap and to drop out liquid refrigerant.  This is also the reason why Goodman is brave enough to give lifetime warranty on the compressor. Another uniqueness of this Goodman tool is the compressor sound blanket which works with discharge gas muffler. Their job is to create a consistent sound range, 72 to 75dB, so that it will not be disturbing.

There are some specs and features that support the Goodman GSZC18 as said at  The capacity range comes first with 3 to 5 ton cooling capacity. This range may be a problem for some residential applications. On the other hand, the efficiency of this tool is unquestionable. It has an average SEER, 18 and above average HSPF 9.5. The compressor, as mentioned previously, features suction accumulator for longer life. Besides, it is also supported with the 2 stage R-410 scroll compressor for better life. The size of this heat pump is 35.5” x 35.5” x 38.5”. The design features wire grills and finished with powder coating. The most impressive is that, besides the lifetime warranty for the compressor, 10 year warranty for the parts is good news.

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